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"One size doesn't fit all. Every of my prospective customer is unique and I take time to understand their circumstances."


"I always believe to be real to each other as life is too short to fake it."


My name is Jocelyn and I am an experienced property strategist,  business owner, and active property investor.


Previously, I worked as a Human Resource Manager at a prestigious company before I took interest in property investments and real estate industry. 

My interest sparked when I realized how much I was spending in taxes and how little I was actually saving. So, I started to research, connected with a successful property investor, and got started.

I am friendly, reliable, helpful, and have the ability to think strategically and laterally. These attributes have helped many "mums and dads", first time investors and first home owner to secure their first property. 

Some of my clients are not wealthy and often get by with single-family income, anybody can do it.

I specialize in owner-occupied and investment properties and provide a personalized end-to-end service that is based on your unique circumstance. From strategy consultation and finance structuring to property selection and negotiations, I can do it all.

My diverse connections with various industry experts have helped me become a trusted name in the business.

I am here to help those that are willing to be helped and will always go the extra mile for my clients.

My strategies and solutions are supported by a group of experts. The team and business partners I work with consist of seasoned investors, developers, accountants, lawyers, bankers, finance brokers, settlement agents, and property managers.

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Jocelyn Yiing

Principal & Licensee

Down to Earth and extremely passionate about helping people to acquire property


Suburban House

“I found my little dream thanks to Jocelyn. She totally understood what I was looking for! Thank you Jocelyn!”

— Sofia

Casa moderna

“I wanted something special, something different. Precious Corner found it. Thank you !”

— Joe

"One is too small of a number to achieve greatness"
John C. Maxwell

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